A Day of Gladness and Sadness

After Murphy and Angus and I went out this morning, I hurried and made up two batches of soap. The heat was already turned up…70 degrees at 5:30, and as I looked up into the woods, I could see the humidity in the air beginning to build. After cleaning up my soap mess, Murphy and I went out onto the “verranda” to enjoy the day before the heat really started.

As I sat in my chair, Murphy jumped up on the chair beside me, looking at me as though to ask how he might please me! I told him to “stay!” as I ran inside the house to grab my camera. When I came back, he was still sitting just as I had left him!

Can you guess what single word I said to get Murphy to pose in this “classical Scottie” head tilt?
If you guessed “cookie”, good for you!

For some funny reason, Murphy really enjoyed sitting next to to this “Scottie”! I guess he figures he can make people feel just as *welcome* as that hard ole Scottie that never even moves!!!

This evening, as I downloaded email, I saw a message from Ruth with the header, “Peace Be With You, Angus”. The tears began, and my heart ached. Ruth and her Scotties were the source of so many beautiful pictures that entertained so many people and made them smile. When little Seamus left last year, it was so hard to imagine….Ruth no longer referred to her little ones as the “Mainline 5”, but rather, the Mainliners. Angus was the eldest of the pack; he was 10 years old. And so, through tear stained eyes, I come to the realization that these precious little ones are given on loan to us for such a short time.

God bless Ruth and Johnny as they tread through these dark and sorrowful times.

And so, if you have a little pet that is dependant upon you, please give them a big hug from me!

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  1. So sorry to hear about Angus, : (

    Those pictures are so cute! Sassy does the head tilt all the time!

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