Sometimes There Are Just No Words

This evening, when I opened my email, as I read a post from a dear friend to the Scottie world, my heart felt as though it would break. Ruth said that her dear little Scottie girl, Megan, was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer. Then, there was another letter from Ruth. This one told about her dear eldest Scottie, Angus, who also was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer.

Megan’s littermate, Seamus, left this world for the Rainbow Bridge

in March of 2005. This was a great loss, and now Ruth will soon be saying good-bye to two more of her babies sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Ruth’s Scotties were known world-wide for bringing smiles to the faces of dog lovers everywhere! Ruth has the most wonderful ability to capture her wee ones with the camera and one of her pictures was even published in the book Dogs 24/7.

Ruth called her Scotties the “Mainline 5”, as she lives on the route by that name near Philadelphia.

And so, as a tribute to my dear friend, Ruth, and her precious babies, I will leave you with her

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  1. Some great photographs…and some very patitent pooches! I’m sorry Ruth is going through this right now; I’m sure every misses Angus…

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