Back To Normal!

Everything is back to normal after yesterday’s somewhat unexpected) deluge!

I decided to grab my camera early this morning and take a few pictures of my “greenery” about the place. The quality of these pictures is a bit poor, but it is possible to see some of my pride and joy!

This is my strawberry pot that I plant with Begonias every year! They add a lot of color to greet visitors and are just so nice sitting on the porch!

And, this is the hanging basket of Begonias that I so love! The leaves are dark green…The contrast between the leathery leaves and the soft pastel roselike blossoms is stunning. The trees in the background are actually part of my front yard.

And yes, these are some tomatoes on my tomato plant! I watch them like a hawk, awaiting the day when I can *finally* pick that first ripe one! And………………..

My gardening “talents” are limited to gardening in five-gallon buckets!!! As much as I enjoy observing my deer friends, I have never succeeded in warding them out of my garden. And so, alas, I have reverted to “portable gardening”. Although it is sometimes a challenge, the one BIG advantage is that I can move my plants about, ensuring optimal sunlight! And, before I take leave, there is one more plant I would like to share……….

Yes, this is my mutant Bleeding Heart plant, which has basically overtaken most everything in its path! Thus far, it has pushed aside a hosta, several Columbine plants, and is currently working on a Coneflower. I have committed to breaking up this plant for sure this autumn. It is currently covering almost 5′ along the side of the house.