And So the Journey Begins!

I have been wanting to begin blogging for some time, but time keeps getting away from me! And so, now whilst things are slow, I will begin!!!

To say that it rained “cats and dogs” today would be a vast understatement! It was more like “whales and elephants”. Ben and I went up the road to pick up some goodies for dinner, and upon returning home, the sweet little *peaceful* stream that runs through our front yard had transformed into a raging “riverlet” with sound that rivaled Niagara Falls. Being a relatively quiet little stream, it was a bit unnerving witnessing this contrast. I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw that the culvert was capable of handling this somewhat brief “syndrome”!

As we ate our dinner, we could see a beautiful doe eating a short distance from our back deck. She was so pretty and completely reflected such a peaceful nature. She munched on the weeds growing on the bank and nonchalantly looked about. To see these animals is just so amazing…they exude such a calm and wonderful beauty. As we watched Ms. Doe, a small hummingbird flew in and took sustenance from the potted petunia hanging on the deck. To witness one remarkable visitor is so fine, but two! Ah, life IS good here in the Bistolwood!!!